Green Initiatives

The Kitsap Conference Center is committed to reducing our environmental impact and creating a better future for our community. By reducing waste, conserving energy, and supporting our local producers and farmers, we are a step ahead of a better world. Join us in our commitment to sustainability.

Travel Emissions

  • Our venue is accessible via public transportation – Light Rail, Ferry, Bus, and Uber
  • Our onsite accommodations (Hampton Inn & Fairfield) help reduce travel emissions from having to travel from hotel to venue each day.

Energy Efficiency Practices

  • LED Lighting throughout most of our venue
  • Occupancy sensors to help preserve electricity
  • Demand-controlled ventilation

Waste Reduction 

  • We have a dedicated space where unused conference materials are collected and recycled back into the local community
  • Limited disposables
  • Food: We use local vendors whenever possible and offer both vegetarian and plant-based meal options
  • We encourage our events to have a paperless conference by using apps and emails instead of printing paper
  • We are partnering with local farmers & community members to help compost extra food/produce